Monday, October 30, 2006


Feeling very tired. Friday night was the last home football game, meaning that it was the last football concessions we had to run. Then Saturday was the craft show, and we run that and the concessions - that was 10 hours. Then Diane brought home Frickers and Long Island Iced Teas - way too many Long Island Iced Teas.

I'm still sore from moving everything from our stand to the cafeteria and back. Plus, when we were moving one of the Pepsi coolers (basically a big, glass door refridgerator) it caught my hand against the brick wall. Dented my wedding ring pretty good - which is really lucky - as it would have probably crushed my hand otherwise. As it is, my ring finger is still really sore. I kind of wish I would bruise - as much as it hurts you think that there should be some physical sign. And I burnt my fingers Friday night moving a metal pan - yes they get hot when they are sitting on the top shelf of the grill keeping burgers and dogs warm - yes I'm an idiot :-).

And last night we went to the Funny Bone to see Ralphie May. We should have drank more - it would have been funnier. Diane didn't like it much at all. I laughed a bit, but he wasn't nearly as good as Josh Blue who we saw three weeks ago.

I'm just having a hard time getting motivated this morning - and even getting fully awake. (Like this is anything new?) I am glad that marching band season is almost over - Saturday is Mid-States - the final championship competition. We are hoping to tailgate to it and cook lunch for the kids, though we aren't yet sure if that is allowed or not.

Then Sunday I'm taking the boys up to Toledo (picking Jon up in Bowling Green on the way) to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra. We have 5th row (row E) seats on the floor, near the center, so it should be good. Then a weekend with nothing planned so far, before heading up to Chicago again for the next keys, then Thanksgiving.


I feel like I could use a week of sleep.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Weighing in

Weigh in yesterday. This just doesn't make any sense. Last week I was dead even, and I stuck to my points all week. True, I weighed in a day early because of the trip, and couldn't work out that day (or the rest of the week), but all that to stay even.

Of course, it pissed me off, so I blew the diet. Big time. I was 52 points over my allowance, and that without recording ANY On Thursday (and had a breakfast buffet that day, chinese (the worst I've had in a long time), and then seafood pasta & appetizers for dinner - oh, and a bag of Carmel Bugles - oh those are good) - so probably closer to 80 or more points over. And I didn't record the In-n-Out double double and fries on Friday either.

Now I knew that once we got back I had to go back on. Saturday wasn't so good, because I blew it early (eating 'breakfast' items just blows points so quick) at the Atlanta airport. But the Sunday through yesterday I was good (ok, Tuesday night I went a few points over, like it would make a difference on a bad week). I did get back to exercising since Monday. So I go to weigh in. Down friggin 2.2 lbs. Diane is pissed, she gained 1.1, which I should have.

So, I'm at 230.2 - a total of 22.6 lost since we started. Good chance, if I work hard at it, that I could hit my 10% next week, which is what I would like.

What I need to figure out is why, even when I know I've had enough to eat, and don't physically feel hungry, I still want more. This is what makes me get seconds, and go back to buffets, etc. I didn't have more last night (I picked up KFC after the meeting, but only had 2 thighs. But boy did I want more - so golden brown and juicy. I put the left overs in a baggie in the fridge, and later they still looked so good, even with little droplets of grease on the bag. I mean it looked greasy - that shouldn't be appealing - but I so wanted more. So I ate some rice cakes (oops, forgot to record them - have to do that now).

It does make it hard to stick to things when I lose when I don't follow it, and don't lose when I do. *grrrr*

Saturday, October 21, 2006


God do I hate travelling. I've said it before, but I believe that the person who said "Half the fun is getting there" never went anywhere.

We spent the last two days going out to see my daughter at her school / treatment center. Wednesday night, we get to the airport, and all the flights through Atlanta are delayed. We won't make our connection and get there tonight, unless we get on the flight before ours, which is also delayed. But we can't check out bags - so with the latest security I'm dumping all my shampoos that I save from various hotels, toothpaste, all that stuff. Because, of course, I don't have a baggie to put them in.

Then in security I buzz the metal detector because of my belt. I take it off and walk through again clean, but it just makes me think how funny it would have been for my pants to fall down while I was walking through without a belt. But we no longer have our 1st ammendment rights in airports, so we can't make any jokes. TSA does not have a sense of humor.

Then once we get to Atlanta, our flight to Vegas is also delayed. This, of course, was worse, because it was packed, and I'm stuck in the middle seat for 4 hours.

No problem getting the car, but it is a two hour drive to Hurricane Utah where we are staying. Or would be if we could get out of town - but I-15 is down to 1 lane at night for construction - so it takes us over 45 minutes to get out of town. We finally get into our hotel room at about 4:15 in the frigging morning. Of course we have to be at the school at 10:15.

It was kind of funny though - as I'm waiting for a clerk at the hotel to check in, another guy walks in - and he had also just driven in from Vegas after flying in from Houston - to see his Grandaughter, who is in a similar program to what my daughter is.

Not only that, but on Friday we run into a couple from our seminars - he was even in my focus family - who are also there visiting their son for much the same reason we are there seeing Katie.

We did go see "Man of the Year" at the theatre there, as we were done at 3:30 on Thursday. Not a bad movie - I just didn't like the conspiracy stuff much, though Diane did.

The drive back to Vegas wasn't too bad, and we went and blew our wad over at the Luxor for a couple of hours. I managed to sit on a nickle slot (Ms. Little Green Men) for well over an hour on $20.00, so while I didn't walk away with anything, it was still good (I view the money for gambling as entertainment expenses - I don't go in expecting to win, just to be entertained for a while).

The we had our red-eye flight back - again stuck on a full flight in a middle seat for 4 f*****g hours. Then a three hour layover in Atlanta. The last flight actually wasn't bad, as it wasn't full so I moved up a row to have a pair of seats to myself (and allow Diane the same behind me). Still, I didn't really sleep on either flight, so my ass is dragging today. Diane, of course, is upstairs snoozing comfortably - me I'm doing band booster work and writing in my blogs!

Also, I blew my diet utterly and completely on the trip. We have to get back to it now. *sigh* I won't like weigh in on Wednesday, but then we'll hit it hard again. I just hope the workout room at work is fixed for good now.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Very Frustrated

I thought I had a good week. I didn't go over my points. I exercised. And when I weighed in, I was exactly the same (hard to do, since they measure to the 1/10th of a pound). Damn.

So then I said screw it last night, ate pizza and had a snickers bar. Because even in my bad weeks before I managed to lose a pound.

I didn't want to change my date for calculating weekly allowance however (as last night would have used it all up if I did), so I lied slightly and put my weigh in date as today instead of yesterday.

We leave for Utah this afternoon, so I'll try to stick to things, but I know I won't be able to work out at all.

Of course, with that - another pipe burst, so the Body Shop is closed again - even though I have my clothes with me today. Just can't win there.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Flabby, fat and lazy - and stupid too

So I'm beating myself up a bit. See, I work out at lunch at the Body Shop - a workout facility here at work. Very convienent. Not only that, but I made a deal with myself this weekend. I would reward myself by buying videos to watch on my iPod for every 10 lbs I lost - but I could only watch them when working out. I have heard so much about the new Battlestar Galactica, and I wanted to catch up on it. So I bought the mini-series and first season - my reward for losing 20 lbs so far. Started watching it Friday and yesterday.

Then yesterday afternoon, they send out an email - the Body Shop is closed indefinitely. It appears a pipe broke. I'm pissed, both because I want to keep watching these, and because I've been eating nearly all my activity points - and going without them will be even harder.

So I'm pissed this morning. For a moment I think about bringing in some clean workout clothes (I sweat enough that I need clean ones every day) and leaving them under my desk until it opens again, then decide frack it.

So what happens - they actually get it in gear, fix the pipe, and re-open at like 10:00 am this morning. And I don't have my clothes to work out. And tonight is the monthly Pizza Hut scout fundraiser (10% of our bill goes to Matt's scout account, so we get pizza on the third Tuesday of each month).

Stupid, I know. But I have to have something to complain about, or else people might think I'm actually happy or something.

I also had my annual de-motivational beating today (i.e. performance review). I hate these, though this was not as bad as most. I actually did pretty well, and got the biggest raise since 2000, which is good. Of course, nobody knows what the bonus will be like yet - that comes next week. We actually will get the bonus before we find out how much it is (kind of weird, but I don't run things). Plus right after that, if things go as the company plans, then I get my restricted stock bought out as well - so a decent little bit of cash. And all a month earlier than normal. Not quite as good as when I got the 5 figure bonus, but not too bad. The key is to put some away (yeah, right).

I have a real hard time saving any money - no matter how much I manage to put away, something always seems to come up. I want to try and not touch the money I put in savings ($100 a check) and my booster checks from now on to pay for Origins and GenCon next year, kind of a plan ahead type of thing (what a concept, I know!). Plus some of this bonus money.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Lazy Sunday - and entire weekend

This weekend was a bit strange for me. Friday night there was a football game, so I helped with the concessions stand. Matt had his camping trip, and Erik was marching. Diane is in Minnesota this weekend, spending time with her daughter and going to her neices baby shower. I guess she got really drunk but is having a good time.

Anyway, Saturday Erik had band practice at 11 and then his contest (they took 3rd), so after taking him to breakfast I had all day, in the house, by myself. I paid bills, I updated the cub advancements and web page, I defrosted the downstaird freezer, and did some laundry. Today I slept in until about 10:30, and that felt really nice. I still need to head to the grocery store (haven't been 'shopping' (as oppossed to just picking up milk or whatever) in a month.

I just haven't had a weekend to sit around and do nothing in quite a long time, it is rather nice for once. Harder to stick to the diet (man I miss the activity points when I don't get them) because I want to snack and munch when I'm sitting watching tv.

I may take the boys out to dinner tonight, or a movie if they get their chores done.

So a weekend of nothing. Not too bad for once.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


It was quite unexpected last night. A cold front moved in during the afternoon, and right about five it started to just dump down rain. And Diane had not gotten the newsletters printed yet, so we decided to just weigh in at Weight Watchers and not stay for the meeting. Matt needed a ride to Meijers to shop for his camping trip, because with the rain he didn't need to be walking there.

So, like I've been doing, I went to work out after work instead of at lunch. No big deal. Average work out. But I figured I'd weigh myself before heading in. No shoes, no cell phone, no PDA or iPod. But the scale had to be off I figured. I know I was good last week - I had 5 weekly allowance points left over even - the first time ever, and I wasn't eating all my activity points either. But I felt, I don't know, bloated. I still do a bit. Not as bad as I've been, but I feel fatter. So the scale is off a bit, big deal.

Go to the weigh in. Damn, the scale isn't off by more than half a pound - and that because they use precise electronic scales there, instead of the slide ones we have a the Body Shop (that is the name of the workout facility at work) - you know, the same ones a lot of doctors use. 4.8 pounds. I'm in shock. I've now lost 20.4 pounds in 7 weeks. Of course, we weren't able to stay so I couldn't get my gold star. But I'll get that next week, though we won't be going to our regular meeting, because of the trip to Utah

So why don't I feel skinnier - I should notice 20 friggin' pounds!!! 25 is my 10% goal, and at 28.8 I end up losing more daily points (that would put me at 224 - which drops from 28 points per day to 26 per day - heck when I get to my ideal weight it will be 22 points per day - I'll frigging starve :-) ). So my current weight is 232.4, I'm losing weight, but still feeling fat. Go figure.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Not yet dead

Well, the annual day to celebrate the fact that I haven't died yet is here. Yes, some 42 years ago the world trembled, and was never the same again. Brave men paled, women wept, animals went mad. Who knew that back in 1964 such a momentous event was occurring.

The coolest thing I just realized is that for the next 365 days I am The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything.

So Happy Birthday to Me!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Not too bad after all

Down a pound - 237.2 Almost makes me wonder why I worry about it - if I can go down but blow it. However I know that is a falacy - I need to get back on track with this.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Good and Bad weekend

We went to Chicago for another Keys seminar this weekend. This was really good, but the diet took a major hit. One of the hardest things there is driving - and the wife always wants to have something to munch on when in the car. Then having a few beers with friends before things start up. And while I'd like to make excuses, that isn't being accountable - and I chose not to follow it this weekend. I didn't have to have mayo on my sandwiches, nor chex mix with them, or a few cookies afterward. Nor french toast for dinner.

The important thing is to focus back on it.