Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Stepping up

What ever happened to personal responsibility in our society? To people admitting that they, and no one else, is responsible for how they act.

It doesn't matter one bit that it isn't your fault. I don't care who said something that hurt your precious feelings. The world isn't waiting to kiss it and make everything better.

When you make a commitment you follow through, and if you can't you find a replacement.

During my divorce, the ex filed a (trumped up) restraing order against me. I was the coach of my son's OM team, and now could be within 100 feet of him. Did I just walk away? No, I found someone to replace me.

I've made mistakes, but that did not mean I did not have to keep my committment. Again during my divorce, I coluld have walked away from my responsibilities; instead I fought tooth and. Nail for custody of my four kids. Were the years of being a single father easy? Not at all, but I did not give up.

Keep your commitments. Follow through. Step up and be a man.