Monday, July 30, 2007

Pimping for a friend

Well more exactly a friend of a friend - actually a friend of my wife (who should count as my friend, shouldn't she?) Anyway, Ann is a neat kid (and it is scary that I'm almost old enough to be her father) and a good friend to Diane, who is setting off on a grand adventure - so check it out : My So Called French Life

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

keep checking in.

I haven't been writing much, but I am going to keep checking in at least after weighing in. This week I'm down .6 to 185.2. I have definitely noticed that it is getting more difficult the more I lose. My goal is 172 (technically 172.8 - as that is 80 lbs I'll have lost). Diane says I'm loosing too much, and even when I go to weigh in they constantly remind me that I can change my goal with a doctor's note. But for now I'm going to keep it the same. I still have a bit of a gut that I want gone, and I like the idea of losing at least 75, if not 80.

This weekend we had a good time - Diane and I went up to Kelly's Island in Lake Erie to meet up with our keys family. It was a lot of fun - but I really blew the diet - so I feel pretty good that I still lost half a pound after eating way too much on Saturday.

Of course, tonight is family night at my youngest's boy scout camp, and they always do pizza. I just have to remember - whatever happens at camp stays ON MY ASS!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

holding steady

I haven't been updating much lately, but I won't go into the excuses here.

Weigh in this week was holding steady at 185.8 - same as last week (darn it). Still leaves me 13 lbs to goal. They keep reminding me that I can get a doctor's note to set my goal higher - but I'm not real sure I want to. Doing that makes me feel a bit like cheating and giving up - making it easier because I can't do it. Beyond that I'm still not happy with my gut - it isn't what it was, but it is still more than I want. I don't really care about washboard abs, but I want a pretty flat stomach for once in my life.

I've gone to 150 crunches to help (I hope) when I work out. I just want it to be done - I'm not feeling much motivation any more.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Everything at once

Why does it seem that everything comes at once? It has been incredibly busy for all of June, but at least things seem to have slowed down, though a third of July is already gone!

I spent a lot of time getting things ready for Origins. I ran my event, and even though I only had three people play I think they had fun. I have 9 signed up at GenCon, so it should go much better there.

I also won "Best Appearance" for my Ogres at the RTT on Saturday. Then on the way out of the hall I was talking to one of the other players, and when I mentioned my "mail" goblins, he was surprised they were mine - apparently he had seen pictures and heard about them on the net, though he hadn't seen my site and I haven't played them in almost three years! Those two things really blew me away - the award and having my reputation out there like that. Pretty cool.