Friday, April 04, 2008

Not sure how to handle it

The monkeys seem to have calmed down - and I'm left at a bit of a loss. Though it does feel like the eye of the hurricane. However in a hurricane the back side isn't as bad as the initial blast, and I know that is just the opposite here.

One recent development. In our organization, the new management really wants to have development and operations completely separate. My immediate work group (the zoo keepers) have been on off-hours on-call support rotation for something like four years now, up until Tuesday. They are done, no more cell phone, no more pages in the middle of the night.

Me, I'm in a different situation, and have been for a long time. I'm on call 24-7, as the backup resource for when the regular person can't handle things (so I'm not supposed to get called unless the fecal material has already impacted the rotational cooling device). Well, apparently on Tuesday they said they didn't need me any more.

My management didn't agree, and switched things around. For one, it would have a significant pay impact for me (much more than it did for the rest of the group, who only got it 1 week out of 6 - I get it every day).

So they said they don't need me on Tuesday. But guess who they call on WEDNESDAY night, and has to work for over two hours from home!

I once heard the expression somewhere that it looks like a monkey f*****g a basketball. Less than 48 hours - I had to laugh. Because otherwise I'd have to cry. Fricking monkeys.