Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A lot of my modelling stuff

This isn't the only place that I choose to share my thoughts - one that I've been updating quite a bit more than here the last year is my Mantic blog - Puggimer's Pathfinder Progress - it started as a place to share pictures of my Mantic Kings of War Abyssal Dwarf army, but has expanded a little to include all the stuff I'm doing as a Mantic Pathfinder.

Most recently talking about the new DeadZone miniatures that I've received to do demos with over a month before the game will arrive.

Some sample pictures:

Check it out

Friday, November 08, 2013


Ok, so the Mars Attacks kickstarter was floundering this week. So what did Mantic decide to do - step it up and add a lot more free stuff!

They got it to rebound and these last two days are going to be really exciting. What kind of free stuff? How about free giant Bugs! How about a free Big Stompy Robot with shrink ray, and 5 free shrunken marines! How about a free Supreme Regeant to lead your Martian forces! How about a free Martian army standard bearer! How about a free hardback of all the rules (both the base game and escalation and all the scenarios)!

By my estimate that is over $100 of more free stuff added to the $300 pledges - which were already a great value. Check it out here :

 And who knows how much more will get added (piles of dead bodies, zombies, more heroes!) before it is done Sunday at 6:59! Don't get left behind!

 (and after that - I promise to quit posting about this kickstarter!)

Thursday, November 07, 2013


As a Mantic Pathfinder, it is my job to promote their games - thus the blog posts on the ongoing Kickstarter for Mars Attacks.

Go here : , and pledge your support.  Don't worry, I'll be here waiting until you get back.






no hurry, take your time



don't forget to add in an extra Big Stompy Robot, or a set of 3 Giant Bugs (because we all need more robots and giant bugs).



Ok, so you're back.  Now comes the wating.  The horrendous, slow waiting while they actually turn our dreams of martian destruction and valiant human heroes into shiny toy soldiers.  In a mere 9 months (August of 2014) it will begin making it's way into your grubby little hands.

Wait, you didn't pledge?  You only have until 6:59 EST (yes, daylight savings is over, so we are spending the daylight quite liberally now) on Sunday, November 10th.

I've already written why I like this game, but maybe it is miniature games in general?  The miniature wargaming hobby is, admittedly, an expensive hobby.  If you go for any of the Games Workshop games, then it is a VERY expensive hobby.  But even with the Mantic games, it costs quite a bit more than a copy of Monopoly.  So why should you do this?

Well, first because Monopoly sucks.  How many times have you endured that wretched excuse for a game only to have it end in a fight.  So maybe a game that isn't designed to take hours to tear you down completely would be better.  The game play is sure to be fast and streamlined - a game should take no more than an hour I would expect.  I've found that miniature games have been a great way to bond with my sons.

But not only is it sure to be a great game, but it is a hobby as well.  Sure you can play it straight out of the box, but you can also take some time to paint all your models, making them not just pieces in a game, but your martians and your heroes.  I've found many more hours of enjoyment painting and modelling miniatures than I ever get out of actually playing the games.  I can paint and model alone, or with friends at a game store.

So pledge your support, either to crush the puny humans beneath the glorious forces of Mars, or to drive back the dastardly invaders that have dared to attack our home world!

Wednesday, November 06, 2013


Bugs! Little, annoying, sqishy pests. Until the martians came and inverted their shrink rays on them turning them into giant killing machines. No more would they be crushed under the unthinking heel of the humans - the bugs are attacking.

C'mon - who hasn't loved such sci-fi classics like Them or the campy Starship Troopers. They have become a common scifi gaming trope - from 40K Tyranids to Dreadball Zzors. But still, it is the humans against giant insects that we all remember from comics and movies of our youth.

Now you can recreate these. The Mars Attacks Kickstarter only has 4 days left, and the next major stretch goal (at $500K) are giant bugs! Plus they already have beat the goal to add a character riding a giant flea - how cool is that.

And if you don't want the whole thing, just pledge at the $1 level and once they hit this stretch you can buy a giant bug for only $10 - or $20 for 3. They are also adding one in on the $150 1-click pledges and 3 for $300 1-click pledges.

If you ask me, the cool things about this kickstarter aren't the martians or the people, it is the martian death machines and giant bugs.  Flying saucers, Giant Stompy Robots - and the next stretch goal ($500K) is Giant Bugs.  They already have a hero riding a giant flea - but the new big gribblies are right out of a 1950's matinee.  Not quite the ants from Them, they are still big, creepy monsters.

I'd like to just do scenarios from those 1950's movies - just army guys versus huge insects, with civilians running around getting eaten.

Check it out - you know you need your dose of atomic horror, with a side of martians for fun

Monday, November 04, 2013

Painted Armies

When playing miniature games, the is nothing like having two well painted armies facing each other over cool terrain.  The Mars attacks kickstarter has added some Army Painter paint sets are reward levels to help people get their martians and heroes painted.  They did have a few pledges to get fully painted sets, but right now those are all gone.

So if you haven't painted minis before check out the paint set rewards -

Friday, November 01, 2013

BoardGameGeek Mars Attacks competition!

Don't say I didn't warn you - once again the obligatory add.

However this is kind of cool - answer a few questions about the game (with the answers somewhere on the kickstarter page) and you can get entries to win a copy of the game.  The grand prize is "The Invaders Arrive" pledge on kickstarter - which is the game + and $125 worth of add on's.  There are also three second prizes of just the game.

Go here to enter :