Saturday, February 14, 2009

Downside of vacation

Well, here we sit in the Ft Lauderdale airport, waiting. It aeems that is one of the things you do the most when travelling - wait. Wait to get off the ship. Wait to get through immigration ( though no wait for customs since all we had to declare was some tequila (Mexican Viagra!). Wiat for a taxin wait to check in at the airport. Then we can't check out bags before 3 hours prior to our flight - so there is another wait before I can begin the wait for that. And security is only processing for two hours before the flight - so another wait to wait there. And almost a 3 hour layover on Atlanta before the flight home, and the wait for the shuittle bcak to the parking.

When I said I can't wait for vacation, I did not expect that I'd have to make up for all of it coming home.

But wait - if that isn't bad enough - it is scary to see what my weight will be once I finally get home. Have to back on the diet and stay there.
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Thursday, February 05, 2009

So looking forward to it

As I write this, there is slightly less than four days until we can board the ship for our cruise. I am really anxious to actually see the sun and be warm again. Plus just feeling the daylight on my face will be so refreshing.

I talked to the dr. Back in October before our insurance ran out and got on Welbutrin again for the winter and I think it has helped my winter blues (the dr. Suggested a few years ago that I might have SAD (I think I already wrote about that once before even)). The problem was that with no insurance, I started to run out and went to half a dose for the last month worth. I don't think it has been bad, and all thibgs considered I should probably go on it every year.

Still, it isn't the same thing as acrually seeing and being in the sun. And that is only three days (we are spending the night in Ft Lauderdale before we get on the boat) until I can really see it again!!!
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