Thursday, June 21, 2007

Some days I just don't understand it

Had the weekly weigh-in last night, after missing last week because of my vacation, and the week before being up 1.6. (As an aside, if I ever do get to lifetime and quit worrying constantly about this, what am I going to write about?)

Vacation was nice, but not so good on the points. In fact, it started off really bad. Like all my flex points on the first day (Hog Jowls at Lambert's Cafe' in Sikeston MO). And then did I take care after that - of course not. In fact, I got so discouraged that I flat out quit tracking altogether for the second week. I did step on a scale at Diane's brother's house - it said I was up a little, but it is really hard to know unless you are consistently using the same - and especially since it wasn't digital, it was all kind of guessing.

I did work out most days, at least up until the end. The last few I just didn't feel like it and got lazy.

So anyway, I weigh in. They base me on what I was two weeks ago, of course. And I'm down .2! How in the hell did that happen? I was eating way too much, and a lot of not so good stuff (though I did try to get in the occasional apple, and grab veggies when I could).

So now is time to get back on track. Of course we have keys this weekend. That means 6 hours in the car to Chicago, with Diane bringing out the snacks tomorrow, plus eating out all weekend up there. The hotel options are basically a salad - which has never been very appealing. (Their appetizer platter (wings, potato skins, nachoes) is pretty good however - but not on points). I will try to exercise there, and we will probably continue the liquid breakfast (it just sucks so bad to spend so many points first thing in the morning, when I'm usually not even that hungry). So just make sure I take some apples for drive up and back and avoid the crap, and with luck it will be ok.

But then comes tonight - we have free box seats for a Dayton Dragons game that Diane won. Including food, but no booze allowed (oh darn - whatever shall I do :-) ). But what will the food probably be - chips, hotdogs, burgers. So that is the key, to avoid blowing my points tonight so I have them for the weekend.

I do wish this would get easier at some point.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tired of moving

2400 driving miles makes for a long vacation, no matter how you do it.

I'm glad to be home, in my own bed.

It was nice seeing family and friends.

I'm not looking forward to driving back to Chicago on Friday, though the seminar should be good.

And, of course, all the ideas I had to write about all vanish when I actually sit down.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

stupid scale!

This is really bugging me. Tuesday in the morning I'm down 3 lbs. Yesterday morning I'm up two. Five freaking pounds difference in one freaking day! WTF?!?
So I weigh in - up 1.6 - got the point back. And I deserved it, really. Between the pizza, chips, the chocolate covered strawberry and apple slice (which I never did count on Tuesday) and the few extra I spent then anyway I was well over my point total for the week. So I can understand being up.

But why did it look so good on Tuesday morning? If it hadn't looked good, I would have tried to be better Tuesday night (not had the ice cream (lowfat) sandwich), or the chips). Tried to keep the points down more.

Just me being stupid I guess.

And tomorrow we leave for vacation - first to SE Missouri for my family reunion, then up to Minnesota to visit Diane's family.

Speaking of family - it has been four years today that I got re-married - looking forward to the next forty.

And eight years tomorrow that the divorce was final. That seems so much longer ago. Hard to believe that it hasn't been ten years since she kicked me out of the house (it will be in January of '08).

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I'm just a giver

Or an attempted giver. I got a call yesterday - apparently I'm a match for a kid in the local children's hospital with leukemia, so they asked for a white cell donation. I had to go get some pills last night to boost my white cell count, but no big deal.

I get there at 8:00 am, and of course they have problems, so much so that after getting stuck 4 times they send me home, unable to get a donation.

The first stick was for the return in my right arm - and they couldn't get it flowing at all and then hit a nerve (burning pain shooting up my arm - and this was the highlight). When they pulled it out there was a bit of 'flesh' stuck in the end of the needle - joy! So they tried again by the wrist - this just hurt going in, but then worked without being uncomfortable.

Then the left arm for the delivery, which looked easy. But the first poke didn't do it, and I started to bruise after she dug around in my arm a bit (that is always such fun). Unfortunately they have to go there, they can't use the wrist like the return. So another nurse tried again, and once more it started to bruise immediately. So they stopped. After an hour and a half, 6 vials of blood to test from the return tube - and no donation.

I can deal with the pain of getting stuck multiple times, and missing a couple hours of work - I just hate to do that and end up where they don't get a donation - or worse when I was there for nearly three hours and they had to stop because it was taking too long - and couldn't use what they had gotten.

And of course I had to give up my workout for this as well - hate to be pumping away at the elliptical and have my arm start spurting - that would be a bit rude!

Then Diane calls and gives me a box of HUGE chocolate covered strawberries and apples from Edible Arrangements just to throw off my diet. It was a really sweet anniversary present (four years tomorrow) - but of course we had agreed not to get anything for each other. I had an apple and strawberry, but gave the rest away, so as to attempt to stay somewhere in the vicinity of my diet.

Which brings up another point (which, if I have so many things to spew out, why aren't I updating more often?) as well. This week, point wise, has been pretty crappy. I haven't been good at all. First was Friday night playing D&D with the boys and their friends (no, I won't bore you telling you about my character (a 4th level Vaneran Favored Soul (2) / Sorcerer (2), complete with monkey familiar, who, once I get enough ranks in Knowledge(Religion) will become a mystic Theurge - spitting a huge amount of spells a day), but we had pizza for dinner - and a 'reasonable' serving of pizza just doesn't even touch it for me. So used way too many points.

Then Saturday night we went to a surprise birthday party for a friend / co-worker of Diane at a local bowling alley. We don't bowl (Diane can't with her torn Meniscus in her knee, and I wasn't going to leave her sitting by herself) and we ended up with the pretzels and chips sitting in front of us, just begging - nay DEMANDING to be eaten.

Of course Sunday we were already planning ribs - so I made some sweet, juicy, wonderful barbecue ribs. But all my weekly points were far gone. I ate them (well too many for my points) anyway, so I'm actually 7.5 points OVER this week - a bad thing.

But this morning when I weigh myself (a bad thing, I know), I'm down, and down good. Like 3 lbs or more. WTF!?! We'll see what happens tomorrow night, following my usual routine.

Ok, I'll shut up for now!