Thursday, September 28, 2006

Weekly Weigh In

Well, last night wasn't so bad.

9/27/06 - 238.2 - down a pound. Not bad for a crappy week.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Fat. I'm Fat. I have to admit that first, before I can do anything about it. And I am trying to do something about it.

A few years ago I tried Atkins, and managed to lose 30 lbs on it - getting down at one point to 202. I've since gotten it all and more back.

The wife and I have joined Weight Watchers. We actually signed up a month ago. But I wanted to put this out there as a support tool for myself. So I figure I'll publicly list put my weight log out there.

08/22/06 - 252.8 - started Weight Watchers
08/30/06 - 247.8 - decided that Tuesdays weren't going to work, plan to go on Wednesdays
09/06/06 - 245.2
09/13/06 - 243.0 - missed the big blue ribbon by 0.2 of a pound
09/20/06 - 239.2 - got the blue ribbon. I'm such a good boy. Makes me feel like I'm in Kindergarten. And if I'm really good I can get a gold star too!

Weigh in is tonight - and I'm not feeling good about it. Last weeekend was my oldest son's College Family Weekend. Didn't do too bad at first, but should have just passed on getting ice cream with the boys (I took my other two sons up, as well as a friend of theirs. The wife had to work and couldn't get off, so she didn't go). Then the brunch - should have really cut back there but NOOOOOO. And then I ate half a bag of Bugles on the two hour drive home. So did I cut back at dinner - no, of course not - that would have made too much sense.
Then last night we ordered pizza. I do like pizza. And of course I didn't stop when I should have. I should have made a salad to go with it to fill me up. But it could have been worse - there was still some left - at least I didn't finish it all off. But blew my points out of the water, of course. And I was already over for the week from the weekend anyway - so endded up like 21 pts over for the week.

So today I've been good - trying to lose a little at least. I don't feel like I'm down any, maybe even up some. Just did a Slimfast shake for breakfast (which I've been doing all along - nutritious, keeps me from getting hungry in the morning, not really bad for you) and for lunch. Boy, I'm starving now. But I'll go work out after work and before I weigh in, so maybe I won't have gained.

I am accountable for making bad choices in my meals - for letting my emotions rule me instead of doing what I knew I should.

Second Thoughts

Nope, don't have any second thoughts about doing this either. No regrets.

I've done a little of this before - and figured I could do it again. Just a place to journal a bit and share some things on my mind.

Of course, that means I'm drawing a complete blank now.

So I'll be updating this irregularly, as the mood arises.

Check out my blog about my daughter however -