Friday, October 26, 2007


Weighed in this week. 170.0 again - exactly what I should be. It is a bit of a challenge to wrap my mind around the maintain mind set instead of losing, and I'm a bit frustrated that the on-line weight watchers site has a problem and won't let me correctly adjust my points, but I'll live with it.

What I don't like is that both pairs of brand new jeans I bought are loose. My dockers for work are fine, but the jeans are not. Stupid friggin' pants. Now I don't want them tight - I like the 'comfort' or 'loose' fit, but I want them to fit, and not be all gathered up under my belt. And I just bought these damn things. Am I going to have to go down to a 32" waist before I'm done? Granted, I'd like to get rid of the last bit of belly I still have left, but that isn't really a priority for me. I mean, I made it, I want to relax for a bit and enjoy it.

The other problem is exercise - I have not been very good about it this week, skipping it three times. On Monday and Tuesday things came up around lunch, and I just blew it off with excuses. And Diane wants to go to lunch on Friday, so I'm not even bringing my workout clothes.

Getting Busy

The days are getting shorter, so it is time to hunker down and do something fun - which for me is spending time modelling and painting. I'm working on a new Vampire Counts army - based on the Grateful Dead. I have a lot of ideas for it.

I will show one picture (a work in progress) - that one drunk chick that takes off her shirt and waves it at the band - undead style:

I won't get into them here - instead you can check out my NEW website - - Yes I finally got off my butt and bought my own domain. I like to put up pictures of my mini's - and get so tired of running out of space. So I bought a hosting plan from GoDaddy - and have 5 Gig of space (which is 16600 % more space than I had before on the three free accounts I was using). Of courst that means I have to re-write all my website, but it is started.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Tournament Pics from last week

You can check them all out at, but here are the pics of my stuff at the tournament last weekend.

Da Mailboxes against dwarf slayers, with da UPS Boyz coming around the flag.

Some really ugly guy in a silly green t-shirt starting the game. That shirt at one time actually fit even - know it kind of hangs on me. Beware the glare coming off that huge bald head!

Da Mailboxes, and the Air mail units next to them.

Playing Marc Morales of the Olde World Warriors from Toledo - one of the most fun guys to constantly kick my butt. His furies were converted spiders to be huge bees - really cool. These guys do a great job putting on the Origins tournament.

Against Jason's undead. The only other local besides Matt and I - and someone I have never had a problem beating. Kind of like the Bronco's and the Brown's. The Bronco's always seem to win, even when they play like crap.

Da Mailboxes & UPS Boyz against Plague Riders of Nurgle. They managed to wipe them out, which surprised both of us, though not as much as how well the squig hoppers did. A very fun game, and it was much closer than the final score indicated (even though I lost, I did much better than I thought I would - I hate chaos demons!)

Half way through that fight - you can see the demons are going down!

Just keep rolling high!

Da UPS Boyz, with Undeliverable the giant in the back, and the Special Delivery unit (Squig Hoppers) off to the side. You can barely see the air mail unit to the right.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

2 down, 4 more to go

And I'm at 170 - down 1.6. The main thing is getting back the half I went up last week. Which I really think is all due to splurging a bit the night before weigh in. Of course this means I should add a point per day, but the on-line tracking system which downloads to my palm doesn't do this automatically, and the point quiz has been broken for months now - so I can't do it myself. What concerns me more is not 'not getting' the point, but losing one next week as well.

What gets me more wondering is if I can maintain without tracking everything, or if I'll blow it. I think I might have a fighting chance. Take last night - after weigh in I couldn't decide what to eat. Diane was out, the boys had already eaten. I really didn't want fast foot, or Subway (since I'd had it the night before anyway). So I ended up at DLM and picked up some sushi, since Diane is always talking about getting some there for lunch. Very low points.

It got even with me though - it was the absolute WORST sushi I have ever eaten. The rice wasn't much more than a thick white paste, and the fish had no taste at all. Even the eel wasn't very good, and I so love eel. So after I got home I ate some of the leftover popcorn from Monday.

Ok - another question? Why are we so compelled to eat crap that is sitting there - when we would never order or fix it ourselves?

Time to enjoy my huge Honeycrisp apple from lunch.

Monday, October 15, 2007

They like me. They really like me.

Wow. I went to the Marauder's Mayhem this weekend, and it was probably the best Warhammer tournament I've ever been at. The tables and terrain weren't as nice as what the Olde World Warriors do every year for Origins, but the players were top notch, and I probably enjoyed myself more than any other tournament. So many times I get competitive, and when I do I don't enjoy myself. I finished with a 2-3-0 record, which is fine. The final game was really good, and was much closer than the final score looked.

Then the amazing part. I won the Generals Choice award. I know I'm a decent painter. I paint to look good on the table, and for the army to look good as a whole. I like doing different themes, and having things tied together. But to be voted on as the best among all the other armies, really humbles me. It was the best I could have hoped for, really. I've always said that my goal was to have an army that people wanted to see, liked, and maybe made them smile a bit. I guess I did it. It does still blow me away, because techically some of the paint jobs etc were, I felt, so far superior to mine. The nurgle demons that were all giant maggots - truly awesome looking (and were my first choice for best army).

Then to top it off, I got 2nd for Sportsmanship - and my sportsmanship score was tied with the winner! So I managed to have both a good looking army, and be a fun opponent as well. Wow! I remember years ago going to the GT and getting very low sportsmanship scores. So I was really happy there as well.

I still feel like I'm just an ok modeller/painter, but I guess I'm not giving myself quite enough credit. Winning best appearance at Origins, Overall at GenCon based on my appearance, and now General's Choice - I guess I'm slightly better than ok.

Now to get started on the Grateful Undead!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


With age comes wisdom. Except sometimes age comes alone.

43. Middle aged. To my kids just a little younger than dirt.

I felt old when I had stories that could start "20 years ago" - but that was itself years ago.

The one bit of irony (and yes, I know I am misusing the term, but I don't know any other way to put it) is that I am probably in the best physical shape I've ever been, in my entire life. When I was a kid I was skinny. I've always sucked at sports, and never enjoyed them. I did play basketball one year in Junior High (what, 30 years ago) and I sucked big time - never made a basket in a game the entire year. I tried track once, thinking I might be ok at sprinting - but couldn't run the mile to warm up that was required (and why would I need to be able to run a mile if I'm competing in a 100 yd dash?). Plus they expected (this in 8th grade) everyone to already know what they were doing - and have all the expensive cleats etc. needed. So that lasted a week.

Most week days I do an hour on the elliptical, sometimes a little more. (My goal every day is to do 1000 calories on the machine - and call it 10 pts on my diet.) I didn't yesterday, but it was a pretty crappy day at work and since I went out for lunch (raw fish - yummy!) I couldn't get away to work out (and thus blew the diet). I could probably run a mile now - if you could get me to run that is. I don't see any reason to run - unless somebody were chasing me.

Of course weigh in is tonight - we'll see what happens there. I talk about blowing my diet - but I doubt that I really did. It is a bit of a challenge to go from the losing weight mentality to maintaining.

The point is I hate birthdays, and I'm at least glad this one is over.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

He Shoots, He Scores!!!!

Done. Yes, after over a year. 81.8 lbs lost. 171.0. Goal of 172. So I did it. I made goal. Got the gold star and everything. Woohoo. Now I can go and buy some pants that fit (figure 34 waist time).

So maintenance starts - with 4 more points per day. However I realized last night that it may be a bigger challenge than I thought - because I usually don't eat all my activity points every day anyway - so adding 4 more means I still may not be. Hmmm. Going from dieting to not may not be as simple as I expected.

Six weeks to lifetime - so I have to be under 174 all the way through Nov 13. I should make lifetime right before Thanksgiving - at least I can eat more then.

One of the interesting points is you actually adjust your points quite a bit more on maintenance now - so I have no idea what my 'stable' point values will end up being.