Thursday, May 29, 2008

Almost over

The Month from Hell is nearly complete. Things have lightened up quite a bit, but every once in a while I get hit square on by another poo-flinging monkey. At times I am simply astounded how these people can manage to keep their jobs, but then no one EVER asks for my opinion on them - which is probably best all around.

School is almost out, and I had lunch outside today enjoying the beautiful April day. Too bad that it is almost June and we seem to be about a month behind in the weather, but as much as everyone talks about the weather - nobody ever does anything about it.

Well I'm going to see if the ducks are still out (only one duckling :-( ), and if the female is still chasing the male off every time he gets too close (I can just hear them, "Hey baby, how aobut some sugar?" "GET AWAY FROM ME. LOOK AT WHAT YOU DID!!! THE KID HAS KEPT ME UP ALL NIGHT AND YOU WANT SOME??? QUACK QUACK QUACK!!!!!!"

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Beanie said...

QUACK! QUACK! QUACK! That's cracking me up today.

Now, I'll tell you that (IMHO) this year's Spring has been about as pleasant a one as I can remember. It's been temperate -- not too many 40 degree rainy days, but we're not baking before June 1st like we sometimes do. We haven't had a frost since April 5th. Maybe we can -- gulp -- hope for an equally temperate Summer, full of 82-degree sunny days. That would be nice, wouldn't it?

As for the poo-flinging monkeys, I suggest that you flap your wings and quack at them every time they enter your office.

Yes; that will do quite nicely, I think.